I have always loved art and it remains one of my great passions. I started painting when I was very young and somehow this has grown into a life long enthusiasm for painting portraits. Mostly dogs it seems from the examples but I think this is just a phase I’m going through… well… maybe?!?


I do accept commissions when time allows but I can’t give a price or any further information as a one-size-fits-all here as there are so many variables. Let’s chat and see…!

On and off I get asked to contribute something art related to a charity event. Here are a few examples:

When Blu-Tack went pink for Breast Cancer Campaign, I was asked to model something out of the world famous sticky stuff.
As it is actually designed to be a re-useable adheasive it doesn’t truly lend itself to being modelled like Plasticine or some such! But this was the result. Fitting at the time I felt…


Velcro and Children in Need teamed up and started an ‘art-off’ to raise funds. They sent me every thing that is Velcro-based from the expected tapes to the unexpected printable paper
and this was the result…


As anyone who knows me knows I’m rather in love with monkeys (well, my own Jellycat ones but that’s another story…) BUT a close
second are the heavenly creatures residing at Monkey World and so to help raise much needed
funds I painted them a portrait to auction. They supplied a photo of the divine Sally and this was the (lifesize) result!


To celebrate NAT’s (National AIDS Trust) twenty-fifth birthday they invited me to create some artwork for their ‘Red ribbon Art Collection’. I couldn’t
decide between something personal or something a bit more generic. An important message and new technology combined in the end. I am especially interested in the NAT’s work tackling
stigma and discrimination so created a self portrait using app’s available on an iPad. As a back up in case that wasn’t the kind of thing the
NAT wanted I ‘processed’ their logo and tweaked it a little and produced another piece of work. They most graciously wanted both…

Brewed in Percolatornat25logo-thumb

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