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VOICE OVER agents – Babble Voices. 47 Dean Street. London. W1D 5BE
020 7434 0002
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2 thoughts on “Contact/Links”

  1. Hi Rajat/Matthew,

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    I bumped into you on Twitter thru the TAE21 post today and that led me to this lovely eclectic site. As I fell down the rabbit-hole of all the blogs, I loved the way you wrote. It was quite similar to my own style, with lots of asides and meandering, so I felt very much at home.

    I am living in North Carolina (US) so I didn’t know anything about you or your acting career. But I was initially sorry to hear that the pandemic has led you to the world of asset finance, (you seem like you enjoy your artistic and acting pursuits) but many folks are moving in different directions as a result of their quarantine introversion time, where they had a chance to disconnect from what they were involved with before, take a deep breath and decide if that really was where they needed to be / where they would be happy to be. Other folks are just in survival mode on many levels. I hope this was a choice happily taken out of curiosity.

    In any case, it was a pleasure meeting you (as much as one can through a website), and I sincerely hope your birthday was most excellent and well celebrated.

    Wishing you much wonderfulness,

    1. Hello Anne, so sorry for the delay in response I’ve had some issues with the website so hopefully this will reach you! Isn’t TAE wonderful for meeting new people and usually means we all have a built in fundamental similarity of artistic interest! I’m going to be helping to run the next exhibition here in the UK in my home town of York. I’m looking forward to it.

      Finance is just another string to the bow in these uncertain times. I always keep something ticking along on the background. I have a small holding too so between these and the acting gigs usually bills get paid and life trundles on. It’s a relaxed and calm combination and the variety means I’m not reliant on anything or anyone particularly leaving me free to cook and draw and planting trees!

      Hope all is well with you and apologies again for late response. I hope this reaches you. I’ll try to find you on twitter and then double check!

      Thanks for your message and all the very best to you. RMB

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