Men’s skin vs women’s skin…

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I’ll admit to you, as I’m feeling confessional at this very moment, in one particular way I’m a tad cavalier with my beauty products…I don’t only use products ‘designed for men’. Shock! Horror! I know, huh? It’s a living, breathing, outrage isn’t it? I ‘have a go’ at loads of different things and then use […]


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I believe in exfoliation. Utterly. Completely. It’s a religion to me. It is, I am convinced, the reason why my skin is in pretty good nick and smooth all over (you’ll have to take my word for that part…!) You hear about exfoliation endlessly these days but it’s likely it’s been around for over 4000 […]

The idea behind this page…

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The All Round Approach… I have life long interest in health and nutrition sparked by personal battles, which I’ll explain later (maybe!), and maintained by working in a business that demands and venerates youth – yes, even in men! Women have a harder battle undoubtedly but I’m going to look closely at the issues of […]