The idea behind this page…

The All Round Approach…

I have life long interest in health and nutrition sparked by personal battles, which I’ll explain later (maybe!), and maintained by working in a business that demands and venerates youth – yes, even in men! Women have a harder battle undoubtedly but I’m going to look closely at the issues of male ageing and health too…

I’m hoping that we can also address any negative attitudes towards attempting to begin any of the healthier lifestyle programs and trying any of the processes that might help fight the signs and accelerators of ageing.

There is no doubt, even to the least interested, that there is a mine field of information out there. Every magazine, TV program etc screams out daily advise and the dire consequences of just about everything you eat, drink or breathe! Contradictions and seemingly impossible, or impractical schemes, and the dreaded ‘diet’ all presented as absolute¬†fact.

It’s like some evil fairy tale mirror frowning at our lack of resolve or some nonsense and set quietly on the wall to watch us with a faint air of distain…and to ruin our day.

So, I’m going to have a root around the whole gleaming business and see what’s what…and, of course, post the findings here…!

In the meantime I’m adding this photograph as starting point. This is really what I look like. There has been no retouching or photoshop. If you zoom in close you see the truth, as it was on that day. There’s hair growing in all sorts of places and grey to boot! There’s dry bits and blotchy bits and so on. We all have it and yet there are lots of things we can do to keep this all to a minimum. I’m planning to have a go all most of them!

Thank you and be well…xm

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