Random Recipe #1

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By way of an intro… Over the years I have collected many cookbooks. Bought new ones from cooks that I admire, or made random purchases from charity shops or received them as gifts. Whatever way they have entered my home they have all been dutifully kept on the shelves that I’ve been lucky enough to […]

Vlog – ‘What’s the fuss about watercress…?’ : Script and Link

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This is the original blog and loose script upon which the watercress VLOG (will be live soon) is based. Watercress, as the name implies, is an aquatic plant and it had been cultivated and recommended for it’s healing and nutritional properties for literally thousands of years.      Hippocrates swore by it, the Ancient Egyptians plied their slaves […]

Vlog – ‘Why exercise…?’ : Script and Link

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This is the link to the ‘Why exercise..?’ VLOG on my YouTube channel and the following is the script (kinda) that I used and the drawings etc. in the VLOG so you can look at them more closely should you wish to! Why exercise…? From the time I could walk I was encouraged to move about […]

Vlog – ‘Why Sleep…?’ : Script and Link

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This is a link to the VLOG – ‘Why sleep…?’ (it goes live very soon) but I’ve included the rough script here along with the drawings etc. that I use in the vlog. Enjoy…! I’m talking about sleep because I have been reading recently how it can affect your health and bodily functions. Sleep is […]

Vlog – ‘Introduction’ : Script and Link

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Link to the vlog – Mathew Bose Introduction. In which I try to explain why I’m doing this…! A more or less transcription of the vlog is below: I don’t know about you but I find the billions of pieces of nutritional and health advice that are hurled at us morning, noon and night a […]

How the body regulates fat…part 1 – The Ideal

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One thing I realise when I talk to many people about nutrition is that most folks interest is specific to weight loss. The most frequently asked question is, ‘Can’t you just tell me what to eat?’ I always say no. Not because I couldn’t but because I shouldn’t. The key to these issues is fundamentally […]

Slow roasted tomatoes…

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I’ve just been handed a large punnet of tomatoes. Hoorah you might think…but these are forlorn examples, embarrassed by their own fraudulent content, swollen with water and if the sun did actually kiss these it did so in a way akin to a self-conscious teenager forced to peck the proffered rouged cheek of an aged […]

Power balls…

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Ok. So we know sugar is the proverbial Devil. Boo to sugar! We wave our banners and we join the marches to ban it from our lives before it kills us. Out! Out! OUT! Fists are shaken at the sugary world  around us and tears are shed about our waist lines. But all the while […]

Green bread anyone…?

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The other day I was sitting down to lunch with a few others at a canteen type location and while they all tucked into the catering offerings, I was preparing a lunch for myself that was about to cause some quiet sensation. The first comment was, ‘@$*!ing hell…! Is that bread moldy!?!’ and it went […]