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My eating escapade…part 1

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When the divine Lucy S, author of the hugely popular food blog and twitter @LucyintheLarder, asked me if I fancied sampling a few eateries in london during her whirlwind 12 hour trip, I said sure! Little did I know I’d eat 20 dishes in the time it takes most people to do a days work… The […]

Spinach Filo Pie…

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So, there I am minding my own business (that’s a first) and I meet a woman, a beautiful, sexy woman who is clearly a Bollywood film star or Mediterranean royalty. It turns out she is much more than all that she is a foodie!! Bliss! And not just any old foodie either, it’s only Tonia […]


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There is a VLOG available to watch which is based on this BLOG. Alarm rings and I wake up and scratch my face and hello! That feels like a spot! Oh no and I’ve got a day in public ahead! An immediate trip to the bathroom mirror reveals a red patch and a deep-seated, angry seed of […]