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Tomato and rice soup…

by mathew bose. 1 Comment

Basically this story starts with a can of Campbell’s condensed soup – ‘mmm mmm good’ and all that. I loved this soup so much and then, as seems to happen with favorite items, the company discontinued it. Thanks Campbell’s. Okay, okay…they haven’t discontinued it, but they have repackaged it with the twee new name of […]


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If we go with the theory of there being five basic tastes – sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami – then it’s no surprise we like salt, is it? I’d go even further and say we are not actually truly aware just how much salt we ‘like’ as it is simply in everything!! So we […]


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I’m just a adding a footnote to the previous sugar post as a quick response to many interesting comments about the difficulties of giving up sugar completely and what to use instead. Natural sweeteners being the option. In an ideal world we would all be ‘added sugar’ free and ‘naturally occurring sugar’ all the way. […]