Vlog – ‘Introduction’ : Script and Link

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Link to the vlog – Mathew Bose Introduction. In which I try to explain why I’m doing this…! A more or less transcription of the vlog is below: I don’t know about you but I find the billions of pieces of nutritional and health advice that are hurled at us morning, noon and night a […]

Power balls…

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Ok. So we know sugar is the proverbial Devil. Boo to sugar! We wave our banners and we join the marches to ban it from our lives before it kills us. Out! Out! OUT! Fists are shaken at the sugary world  around us and tears are shed about our waist lines. But all the while […]

Green bread anyone…?

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The other day I was sitting down to lunch with a few others at a canteen type location and while they all tucked into the catering offerings, I was preparing a lunch for myself that was about to cause some quiet sensation. The first comment was, ‘@$*!ing hell…! Is that bread moldy!?!’ and it went […]

Banana bread or muffins…(no added sugar)

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Got some of these…? It happens. Those good intentions of eating the whole bunch through the week. Well, this is a perfect way to use them and, in fact, I go to my local Co-op and search out the most over-ripe ones deliberately. So horrified is the lady there that she gives me them discounted […]

Awesome bread…!

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Ok, firstly I have to admit I make this in a bread machine…if that makes me wrong then I don’t wanna be right, baby! Yes, I like making bread from scratch and the visceral feel of it is luscious and the getting down and dirty with the ingredients is compelling but…I’ve got heaps of books […]

Eggs are eggs right…? Part 3

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As I have mentioned in earlier posts, on each store bought egg there is a Lion Brand Stamp. This means the egg is produced in a place that has vaccinated its hens against salmonella and also tells you something about the way the hen is being treated. Just to the right of the stamped Red Lion […]

Additives…the big picture…

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Food additives are defined as natural or synthetic substances used in the commercial processing of food in order to preserve, add flavour, colour and/or texture. Home made food is eaten straight away or further preserved by freezing, but commercially produced foodstuffs need to have a longer shelf life for purposes of transportation and storage. Bacterial growth would ‘spoil’ most foods long before they arrived in the supermarkets, let […]

Eggs…part 2: the battery farmed hen…

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Firstly, lets remind ourselves that hen’s would naturally place themselves into hierarchical flocks (hence ‘pecking order’), forage for food on the ground around them (they are omnivorous and eat insects, seeds, plants etc), lay eggs in a nest, flap their wings, ‘bathe’ in dust and dirt, and perch. So, let’s consider the various wording and labels […]

Additives…food colour…

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Food colouring E – numbers from 100-199 Colours are added to foods to make them look more appealing or more like the colour that consumers associate with that food. ‘We taste with our eyes’ it is said to describe the results of tests that conclude consumers believed something tastes better if it is the expected colour. […]