Part 5 – so which brands/products…?

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So, what do we know? Perhaps everything, but more likely bog all… We’ve thought about individual ingredients that might be contentious, we’ve deliberated over the use of products – ┬áthose that stay on the skin, those that get rinsed off. We’ve explored the actual and the practical and studied the science. We’ve learned that skin […]

Liz Earle – Brightening Treatment Mask…

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I woke up this morning looking like a rat catchers kit bag (dang those Manhattans)…and thought well it’s a good day to try the Liz Earle Brightening Treatment Mask…silver lining! Hoorah… I have the luxury of being able to ask the clever girls at the Liz Earle concession in, yes you guessed it, John Lewis, […]

EVE LOM Rescue Mask Trial

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Ok I’ll level with you. I’m obsessed with face stuff. Packs, masks, scrubs the whole shebang. So there’ll be a fair amount of this here I reckon. I think the simple matter of cleaning and exfoliating your skin is the key to keeping it fresher, healthier and looking younger. Skipping this part of your regime […]